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Nominating a family member to be honoured on the Victorian Truck Drivers Memorial is a simple process with applications closing on the 30th March each year.


 The following eligibility criteria apply, and will be considered by the VTDM Committee;

 A driver, who has died from traumatic incidents can be nominated by next of kin (partner, sibling, adult child), in one of the following categories;

1) Crash - A driver is recognised as one who has died in a crash regardless of the driving history (time of employment as a driver); or

2) Fatal illness/disease - Drivers who sustain illnesses can be nominated if that driver has a history of driving more than two years. The information about the illness is provided by the family, who has the history of the deceased.

The application is submitted directly to the GriefWork team. The information provided
on the application is private and confidential and in keeping with Uniting privacy policies and
procedures will remain confidential. 

Please CLICK BELOW for the Nomination Form.

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